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Public Sanitary Works

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Who does Public Sanitary Works service

Public Sanitary Works services both residential and commercial customers. Our accounts range from baseball parks to air force bases. Just ask us where we have been today when we come to service your home's septic tank.

What does Public Sanitary Works service?

We clean, transport and dispose of waste. This waste can be grease, grit, lint, and/or septic. We can pump and clean grease traps, grit traps, lint traps, lift stations, septic tanks, holding tanks, and oil/water separators.

Who is Public Sanitary Works?

Public Sanitary Works is a 3rd generation family owned and operated business, established in 1935. Passed down from father to son to grandson. We are city certified and licensed with the state, which comes with an interesting story. Being in business for over 82 years under the same company name we dawn our prestigious license #5. Being the 5th license issued by the state of Texas from what is now thousands of licenses.

Public Sanitary Works is liscensed by Texas Commission on Environmental Quality logo Texas Commission on Environmental Quality

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